We Service and Repair Most Major Brands

Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Maryland is very accustomed to working on the wide variety of water treatment equipment sold and installed in Central Maryland and surrounding Tri-State areas. Call Maryland’s LOCAL Water Treatment Experts for fair and honest service no matter what brand of water conditioning system you have. We service and repair Culligan, EcoWater, Kinetico, RainSoft, Master, Lancaster, Ionics, Hague, Hellenbrand, WaterSoft, Fleck, Autotrol, and Clack. Owner Scott R. Handy has over 32 years of experience and holds two United States Patents in the water treatment industry. 

We have been in business since 2005 and service and repair all types of systems including: Water Softeners, Acid Neutralizers, Iron Filters, Sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) Removal Systems, Air Injection Systems, Ultraviolet (UV) Lights, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems, and Sediment Filters

All water treatment systems require maintenance especially if the water has allot sediment or high amounts of iron. A neglected iron filter can make your well water smell terrible because of bacteria build up and it can significantly reduce your water pressure. When water is high in sediment, it acts like gritty sandpaper by being very abrasive to moving pistons and seals in a water conditioning control valve, it can also destroy rubber o-rings and clog screens and venturies. Did you know that chlorinated municipal water can destroy the softening resin in any water softener in less than 5 years without a carbon filter installed first?

We keep parts in stock for many home and light commercial water purification systems and can retrofit your existing system with new and/or used parts. With the exception of a bad bladder in a well pressure tank (the tank must be replaced), most water treatment systems can be repaired. Depending on what brand of control valve the water filtration system uses, many of the worn out parts can be replaced and many systems can be rebuilt using new components. Sometimes the reason for premature failure or wear of a system is due to inexperienced personnel incorrectly installing the system or putting in the wrong system altogether.

As a well pump system ages, the components of a well pressure tank such as pressure switches and pressure gauges become worn and out of adjustment. It is also very common for the rubber bladder in a well tank to develop small holes allowing the pressurized air out – making the well pump short cycle and this can result in pressure fluctuations. These common well system problems have a direct effect on water pressure resulting in clogging of water softeners, water filters, and other water conditioning systems like acid water neutralizers. The short cycling of a well pump also wears out the pump motor and will increase your electric bill. Because these problems develop gradually over several years, a busy homeowner may not notice the slow drop in water pressure or the decline in well water quality.


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