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Ultraviolet Lights

18 gpm Ultraviolet Light
18 gpm Viqua Ultraviolet Light

Maryland Ultraviolet Light Installation Services

Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Maryland installs high quality and very reliable 18 GPM Viqua Ultraviolet Lights. These systems are homeowner serviceable and only require a bulb change once a year. By installing a larger 18 GPM UV Light, homeowners with questionable water quality can be assured that disinfected water will be available at all times and that restricted water flow and pressure will not be a problem.

Is bacteria a problem in the well water for your restaurant, bar, farm or other small business? Chlorine injection systems are messy and can give beverages, ice and drinking water a disagreeable taste. Ultraviolet Lights are easy to maintain and require no chemicals to purchase, dry pumps to prime or easy to run out of bleach solutions. Give yourself and your customers piece of mind by knowing that your water will not fail local health department water analysis inspections.  

Disinfection by the Ultraviolet Light (UV) Process is a practical and safe means of disinfecting potentially harmful bacteria and viruses in a well water supply. Ultraviolet Lights do not actually “kill” pathogens in water contrary to popular belief. What UV Light Systems actually do is irradiate these microbes and destroy their ability reproduce in the human body. Unlike most information available online and elsewhere, at the wavelength of 254nm Ultraviolet Lights do not produce ozone but instead generate a small amount of oxygen. 

Consisting of a least one 254nm bulb, quartz sleeve, reaction chamber, ballast, and in some systems an intensity monitor and normally closed solenoid valve. The UV process does not change the taste, ph value, or filter the water in any way. Because of this, the water must be as free as possible from iron, manganese, hardness, turbidity, and sulfur compounds that could shield pathogens from the radiation generated by the bulb or make a coating on the protective quartz sleeve. 

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18 gpm Viqua Ultraviolet Light
18 gpm Viqua Ultraviolet Light installed in a compact location
Viqua 18 gpm Ultraviolet Light
Viqua 18 gpm Ultraviolet Light
Viqua (Sterilight) Product Line
Viqua (Sterilight) Product Line

Ultraviolet Lights must be sized and installed properly to work effectively

A germicidal UV Light needs to be properly sized to meet the demand with the proper pre-treatment usually from a Water Softener. The vast majority of well water supplies in Maryland have high hardness minerals and/or iron requiring pretreatment. High Turbidity (cloudiness) of raw untreated well water also impedes the effectiveness of the system.  The UV bulb(s) need to be replaced at least annually – most are not rated for more than 9,000 hours of continuous use. For our residential customers, we are an authorized Viqua Distributor and carry parts and supplies in stock and can service the bulbs, quartz sleeves, ballasts and other UV components for your light in a reasonable time. We adhere to the strict installation requirements for germicidal lights – unlike most of our competitors. Not installing your new UV Light in the proper manner will void the manufacturer’s warranty and it will eventually render it ineffective against the bacteria and viruses for which it was originally installed. All manufacturers of ultraviolet lights have similar influent water quality requirements that must be met at the time of installation and maintained throughout the service life of the unit.

The following water quality and installation standards for an Ultraviolet Disinfection System are:

  • No Sulfur
  • No Turbidity or other Filterable Solids
  • No greater than 0.3ppm of Iron
  • No greater than 0.05ppm of Manganese
  • No excessive Hardness (Where total hardness is less than 7gpg, the UV unit should operate efficiently provided the quartz sleeve and/or sensor probe is cleaned periodically. If total hardness exceeds 7 gpg, the water should be softened. 
  • A flow restrictor must be installed for the flow rating and disinfection requirements that the application requires.
  • The system must be sized based on the projected flow rate needed for the proper functioning of plumbing systems.
  • All germicidal 254nm bulbs are rated for a service life of approximately 9,000 hours (one year is 8,760 hours), and even though they can remain lit for a much longer period of time, their intensity and disinfection capacity are reduced over time.
Viqua Ultraviolet Disinfection Lights are high quality and a bit more expensive than other brands

Viqua Ultraviolet Disinfection Lights feature a 304 stainless steel reaction chamber, solid state electronic ICE ballast with LED readout, and a simple configuration for easy homeowner service. When properly installed, these units offer a 99% reduction of bacteria and viruses. Viqua and Trojan UV Systems are now the replacement for the Sterilight line and also have the option for a UV intensity monitor displaying % of output, remaining lamp life, and total days of operation. This optional upgrade allows for connection to a normally closed solenoid valve (sold separately) directly to the controller. Also an optional Y-cable is available that allows for a 20mA connection to a remote monitoring system.