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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Maryland Reverse Osmosis System Installation Services

Reverse Osmosis System

We install high quality GENERIC TYPE Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems for homes and offices. Our standard drinking water system is now a high purity 5 stage R.O. System with a 24 gallon per day membrane and a standard 3.2 gallon (larger sizes available) pure water holding tank. These systems can be installed under the kitchen sink or in your unfinished basement under most circumstances. Unless you are purchasing this system to purify city water, most customers on well water will need some form of pretreatment for longevity and to maintain proper system performance.          

These systems were first investigated for industrial desalination of seawater at UCLA over 75 years ago. The Reverse Osmosis Process has now been scaled down to modify and improve small volumes of water in the home for drinking and cooking purposes. Water is squeezed under household water pressure through a semipermeable membrane and the treated water is stored in a special 3-4 gallon holding tank for use, while the reject water containing the unwanted substances is disposed of down the drain.

In most cases a single drinking water faucet is installed at the kitchen sink, also a line can be run to the ice maker/cold water dispenser on a refrigerator. For every gallon of treated water that is produced – approximately 3 are rejected as waste water, therefore whole house Reverse Osmosis Systems are not only impractical but pure Reverse Osmosis water is very aggressive and will cause problems for most household plumbing systems.

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reverse osmosis systems
5 Stage RO System basement installation

Reverse Osmosis Systems operate on water pressure

Because Reverse Osmosis Systems operate on water pressure, the higher the incoming water pressure is the more water can be produced and interestingly – the purer the water will be. An R.O. System with a 100 gallon per day membrane will have half the purity of a system using a 50 gallon per day membrane. Your typical 100 GPD R.O. System sold today has surprisingly poor water quality. Depending on the chemical substance being removed, the rejection rate may be as low as only 35%-40%. How much water do you plan to use in a day anyhow? The typical R.O. Storage Tank holds 2.5-3 gallons of water at any given time when full. The main selling point of 100 gallon per day systems is that you won’t run out of water BUT what is not mentioned is that the system is making water TOO FAST and the purity is low – and is not much more than a carbon filter. A high purity 24 GPD system will make about 1 gallon an hour – with an extra storage tank (or larger tank) you will have 6-8 gallons of high purity water available – more than enough for the average family or office setting.  

Reverse Osmosis Systems are very reliable

These systems have become very popular in recent years because of greatly increased reliability and improved membrane performance. Most homeowners choose R.O. Systems for the removal of nitrates, lead, pesticides, and herbicides from uncertain private water wells so it is important to choose the system you purchase wisely. The service interval of these systems are based on how thoroughly the water to be treated is filtered before entering the unit, the amount of water used annually, the rejection rate and the amount of TDS present in the raw water. Most properly installed and sized systems need to be serviced with filter changes every 1-2 years and the membrane replaced every 4-5 years.