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About Us

About Mr. Water LLC

Scott R. Handy founded Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Maryland in 2005, transitioning from his previous role as a service plumber and water treatment technician. Starting with modest beginnings, he operated out of his 1992 Ford Ranger pickup truck, focusing on providing expert water softening and conditioning services. His first major project involved installing custom-built well water treatment equipment for a new housing development in northern Montgomery County.

As Scott’s reputation for high-quality equipment and professional installations grew, so did his range of services. In addition to installing new systems, he offered repairs and maintenance for existing home water filtration systems from various manufacturers. Few companies were offering the labor-intensive services of re-bedding and servicing Acid Neutralizers, Iron Filters, and Water Softeners at that time.

Scott’s expertise extended to repairing water conditioning control valves, servicing Reverse Osmosis Systems, and maintaining Ultraviolet Light Systems, solidifying Mr. Water LLC as the premier provider of specialized water treatment services in Central Maryland.

In 2009, Scott invented a new method for treating well water contaminated with Hydrogen Sulfide (sulfur) using existing tanks and water softening control valves. Through experimentation conducted at a customer’s home in Hagerstown, he developed a groundbreaking approach to eliminate the “rotten egg smell” from well water. His innovative method earned him two United States Patents in 2016.

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Our Mission Statement

Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Maryland is committed to providing the highest quality water softening and conditioning products and services to our customers. Our goal is to advance the science of water filtration and purification thru innovative and patented products that improve the quality of our customers’ water by adhering to the ethical standards we espouse. The need for clean clear potable water is fundamental to all existence on earth and this precious resource touches every aspect of our daily lives. This gives our company an opportunity to make a positive difference in our community by raising awareness of water quality problems and educate our customers and employees in the best ways to solve them.

We Have Two (2) U. S. Patents for our revolutionary Water Softener System

Owner Scott R. Handy has been granted two (2) United States Patents for his technological advancements in the well water treatment industry

  1. Water Softening Tank: This tank contains a cation exchange media, typically resin beads, which remove hardness minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions from the water, thus softening it.
  2. Cation Exchange Media: The cation exchange media inside the water softening tank attracts and exchanges positively charged ions (such as calcium and magnesium) with sodium ions, effectively softening the water.

  3. Brine Tank: This tank stores a brine solution, usually composed of water and salt (sodium chloride). During the regeneration process, the brine tank supplies the system with the necessary salt for regeneration.

  4. Programmable Control Valve: The control valve regulates the flow of water through the system and controls the periodic rejuvenation (regeneration) of the cation exchange media using the brine solution from the brine tank.

  5. Aeration Valve: This valve assists in providing a flow of aerated, pressurized water to the system. Aeration helps in removing dissolved gases like hydrogen sulfide from the water, thereby improving its smell.

  6. Adapter with Flow Control Valve: This component includes a bottom portion and a flow control valve that control the volume of the gaseous pocket created in the top portion of the water softening tank during operation. This gaseous pocket aids in the removal of hydrogen sulfide gas from the water.

Overall, the system operates by softening the water through ion exchange in the water softening tank, while also removing dissolved ferrous iron and hydrogen sulfide gas. The periodic regeneration process ensures the continued effectiveness of the cation exchange media. Additionally, aeration and control of the gaseous pocket by the air vent help improve the smell of the treated water by releasing excess air as it enters the softening tank.

Mr. Water LLC - Limited Warranty

The WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT assembled and installed by Mr. Water LLC are built from the finest industry components available and are guaranteed to perform as specified . Each individual component used in the assembly of our water systems is covered by the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty. We warranty our new WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT and installation for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of installation to the original purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship subject to the component manufacturers warranty and the conditions set forth below. We also warranty all repairs to existing WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT and related WATER SYSTEMS for a period of THIRTY (30) DAYS from the date of installation to the original purchaser unless otherwise stated on the customers’ receipt.


  • (1) This warranty only covers water treatment equipment and other water systems installed for residential use.
  • (2) This warranty only covers the water quality directly AFTER leaving the water treatment system(s) – NOT faucets, fixtures, water heaters or other water using appliances.
  • (3) Failure must not result from misuse, abuse, tampering, alteration, fire, lightning, power surges or neglect.
  • (4) Water pressure must not exceed 100 p.s.i. and water temperature must not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • (5) Under no circumstances shall Mr. Water LLC be liable for inconvenience, loss or damage to property, mold, loss of profits, loss of associated equipment and/or services, facilities or buildings, downtime, and any third parties.


Subject to the above terms and conditions, we will replace and/or repair, at our option, parts of the equipment found to be defective in materials or workmanship. No other guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied unless stated on the customers’ receipt – is applicable to our products or services.

No repair or replacement made under the terms of the warranty shall extend this warranty.