Maryland's LOCAL Water Treatment Experts!

Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment Mobile UnitMr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Maryland is a LOCAL full service well and city water softening and conditioning company. We specialize in new equipment sales, service and repair of existing residential and light commercial water filtration and purification systems. We build our Patented well water treatment equipment out of high quality generic components and customize our installations. Water from an individual well and pump system can vary considerably and may contain unwanted substances like Calcium Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg) Sulfur Smell, Acidic (low pH) Water, Sediment (turbidity) or Nitrate and/or Bacteria contamination.

Owner Scott R. Handy has been granted two (2) United States Patents for his technological advancements in the well water treatment industry. USPTO #9,499,417 and #9,434,626 are here:

What these United States Patents mean for our customers is a MAJOR LONG TERM COST SAVINGS over traditional water softening and conditioning equipment designs. This amazing new technology has been in use now for over 11 years in various size configurations correcting extreme water chemistries - proven to permanently fix iron, sulfur (rotten egg smell) water, and hard water problems with one unique system. Why go to the expense and hassle of maintaining a basement full of water treatment equipment from another company when you can achieve the quality water you need with one simple system? Please don't consider purchasing well water softening and conditioning equipment from another manufacturer until you get a quote from us! 

Mr. Water LLC can professionally perform routine maintenance in your home or business for Culligan®, EcoWater®, RainSoft®, Kinetico®, and most other brand name systems using Fleck®, Clack®, or Autotrol® control valves. Owner Scott R. Handy has over 32 years of experience in the water softening and conditioning industry. This company is very familiar with water treatment equipment and different well pump systems commonly installed by local home water purification and filtration dealers, plumbing companies, and water well drillers and pump installers in Maryland and the surrounding areas.