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Licensed – Bonded – Insured
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Give Us A Call (301) 416-8331

Maryland's Local Trusted Water Treatment Specialists Since 2005

Custom Built Water Softening and Conditioning Systems for Home and Business

We service most makes and models!

Complete Water Systems
Heavy Duty Water Treatment Equipment
Acid Neutralizer and Water Softener
Custom Designed Systems
Water Softeners
Softer Water for Bathing and Laundry
Sulfur and Iron Removal Systems
Patented All-In-One Water Softener for Soft Water, Iron Removal, and Sulfur Smell Removal
Ultraviolet Lights
Disinfection by UV for Safe Drinking Water
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Drinking Water Purification Systems
Well System Pressure Tanks
High Quality Well System Bladder Tanks
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Scott R. Handy, owner of Mr. Water
Owner Scott R. Handy and his patented water softener system in 2010

Maryland's LOCAL Water Treatment Experts for the last 20 years!


Discover Maryland’s Trusted Water Treatment Experts20 Years of Local Excellence!  From well water to city supplies, we’ve been your go-to solution for two decades. Let us handle your water worries with precision and care. Experience the difference – choose Maryland’s locally owned water treatment specialists.

Looking for top-notch water filtration and purification solutions? Look no further! Our company specializes in new equipment installations, service, repair, and general maintenance for residential and light commercial systems. Whether you’re dealing with well water quality problems or municipal water supply concerns, we’ve got you covered. Got poor water pressure nobody can seem to fix? We have answers for boosting your water pressure for allot less than you might think. Contact us today for expert water filtration solutions custom built for your exact needs.

Feeling abandoned by your previous water treatment dealer? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back! If your previous dealer has left you high and dry or failed to meet your needs, we’re here to step in. Our team specializes in repairing and servicing equipment from most national brands sold locally in our area. Let us restore your peace of mind and your water quality – contact us today!

Interested in learning more about the water filtration and purification equipment we repair and service? Click this link:

Custom Built Water Filtration Systems


Discover the Difference with Our Custom-Designed Well Water Treatment Systems!  Our team will work closely with you to analyze your water test results and understand your expected water usage. From there, we’ll craft a custom-designed well water treatment system specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Transform Your Water Quality with Our Comprehensive Range of Services!  From Water Softeners to Acid Neutralizers, Sulfur Removal Systems to Iron Filters, we specialize in installing and servicing a wide variety of filtration systems for private well owners. Our expertise extends to Sediment Filters, Ultraviolet (UV) Lights, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems, and more. Plus, we’re skilled at optimizing water pressure in your home without the need for a well system booster pump.

Say Goodbye to Water Woes with Our Heavy-Duty Custom-Built Well Water Treatment Equipment!  Our systems are designed to tackle a wide range of water problems, including Hard Water with stubborn calcium deposits, Irony Water causing stains and discoloration, Hydrogen Sulfide emitting that unpleasant rotten egg smell, Acidic Water leaving behind blue-green stains, Turbidity with high sediment levels, as well as Bacteria & Viruses, and Chemical Contamination. Trust in our expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions for your water quality – contact us today to schedule your consultation!

Do you have questions about Common Water Problems and what to do about them? Visit this page: 

New Acid Neutralizer, Water Softener, Carbon Filter, Well Pressure Tank
New 81 gallon Well Tank, 6.0 cubic foot Acid Neutralizer, 32,000 grain Water Softener and 20" EPM-BB (carbon) post-filter
Standard 32,000 grain Water Softener for city water
32,000 grain City Water Softener with 20″ Carbon Pre-filter for Chlorine Removal
Water Softeners for City Water


Unhappy with the quality of the Municipal Water entering your home or business? If the water purity falls short of your standards, our custom-built City Water Softening Systems are the solution you need.

The water quality of city water varies from location to location and changes based on the time of year. Not only does the water test change, the temperature also fluxuates. Municipal water temperature can change from 45-50 degrees in the winter to 75-80 degrees in the summer. This affects how well carbon filters remove chlorine and how efficient water softeners are in removing hardness from the water.

Most municipal water producers in and around Central Maryland like WSSC draw the majority of their water from rivers like the Potomac. As river water levels go up and down so does the concentration of dissolved solids. Hardness levels can change more that 10-20 gpg based on river levels.  

Knowledgeable, Ethical, Reliable – Your Local Trusted Water Treatment Company!


Beware of Empty Promises – Trust in Expertise Instead!  Don’t be fooled by the allure of a ‘free’ water test administered by inexperienced salespeople. At our company, we believe in transparency and professionalism. For a nominal service fee of $85, we offer comprehensive, in-home water analysis conducted by seasoned professionals. Want more? Opt for our additional service to professionally evaluate your water treatment equipment, well tank, and well pump system to ensure optimal water pressure and functionality. Invest in peace of mind – contact us today to schedule your thorough assessment!

At Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Maryland, honesty is our policy. Our expert technicians will conduct a thorough evaluation of your water conditioning and well system, ensuring every aspect is operating optimally. If we identify any issues, rest assured we’ll provide transparent recommendations for repairs or upgrades. Whether it’s fixing existing equipment or installing a new high-efficiency water filtration and purification system, our goal is to permanently solve your water problems. Trust in our expertise to deliver lasting solutions.

Trust Mr. Water LLC for professional routine maintenance on water treatment equipment from most national brands!  Our expert team is well-versed in servicing systems from companies like Culligan®, EcoWater®, RainSoft®, Kinetico®, and more. We’re also experienced with systems using Fleck®, Clack®, or Autotrol® control valves. With over 36 years in the industry, we’re intimately familiar with the water treatment systems commonly installed by local dealers, plumbers, and well drillers in Maryland and surrounding areas. Count on our expertise for reliable maintenance and repair – contact us today!


We have been granted two (2) U.S. patents

Owner Scott R. Handy has been granted two (2) United States Patents for his technological advancements in the well water treatment industry. USPTO #9,499,417 and #9,434,626 are here:

What these United States Patents mean for our customers is a MAJOR LONG TERM COST SAVINGS over traditional water softening and conditioning equipment designs. This amazing technology has been in use for over 16 years now in various size configurations correcting extreme water chemistries – proven to permanently fix iron, sulfur (rotten egg smell) water, and hard water problems with one unique system. Why go to the expense and hassle of maintaining a basement full of water treatment equipment from another company when you can achieve the quality water you want and need with one simple system? We build these systems from generic components like the other systems we assemble. Please don’t consider purchasing well water softening and conditioning equipment from another manufacturer until you get a quote from us!

Our Satisfied Customers

Take it from any of our satisfied customers, the water treatment equipment designed and engineered by Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Maryland will make a huge difference in the quality of your water.

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    February 8, 2022

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    Joey T Avatar Joey T
    June 10, 2022

    Mr Water did an awesome job sorting out both my well tank and water softener system. He clearly knows his stuff he pointed out exactly what was wrong, mistakes... read more

    Mark Silverman Avatar Mark Silverman
    June 8, 2022
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    Destinie Mellgren Avatar Destinie Mellgren
    November 8, 2021

    Scott did an excellent job in repairing my existing softener and installed an additional filter. Very through explaining how to whole water systems works and all necessary information to... read more

    Sandra Buffington Avatar Sandra Buffington
    December 8, 2021

    Scott Handy knows water filtration and softening like the back of his hand. He installed my system back in December, 2008 following a couple of years of drought in... read more

    Leslie Porter Avatar Leslie Porter
    September 8, 2021