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Maryland's Local Water Treatment Experts for the last 17 years!

Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Maryland is a LOCAL full service well and city water softening and conditioning company in business for 17 years. We have over 33 years of experience specializing in new equipment sales/installations, service, repair and general maintenance of residential and light commercial well water filtration and purification systems from most national brands. 

As of 7.1.2021 Mr. Water LLC will gratefully be at “Back to Normal” status as a company! Everyone working for us has been vaccinated for COVID-19 and we hope you have been also. Masks and other protocols previously associated with the virus are now suspended.

We mainly install and service Water Softeners, Acid Neutralizers, Sulfur Removal Systems, Iron Filters, Sediment Filters, Ultraviolet (UV) Lights, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems – and most other types of filtration systems for private well owners. We can also greatly improve the Water Pressure in your home without the need for a well system booster pump.

Our heavy duty custom built well water treatment equipment fixes problem Hard Water (calcium deposits), Irony Water (stains and discoloration), Hydrogen Sulfide (sulfur rotten egg smell) , Acidic Water (blue-green stains), Turbidity (high sediment), Bacteria & Viruses, and Chemical Contamination.

If you do not like the quality of the Municipal Water entering your home, we can custom build a new City Water Softening System for that also. 

We are a Knowledgeable, Ethical, and Reliable Water Treatment Company

Don’t fall for the hype of a “free” water test given by a salesman or inexperienced personal from just a plumbing company. For a small initial service fee of $85 we will do an in-home water analysis. For an additional fee we will professionally evaluate your water treatment equipment, well tank, and well pump system to make sure it has good water pressure and is functioning properly. Our expert technicians do an honest evaluation of your water conditioning system to determine what needs to be done to get the existing equipment you already have operating properly. If we find that your system is not working as it should we will recommend needed repairs, or a new high efficiency water filtration and purification system to permanently solve your water problems.

Mr. Water LLC can professionally perform routine maintenance in your home or business on equipment sold by most national water treatment companies like – Culligan® EcoWater® , RainSoft®, Kinetico® , Master® , Lancaster®, and most other brand name systems using Fleck® Clack® ,or Autotrol®  control valves. With over 32 years of experience in the water conditioning industry, we are very familiar with the water treatment systems commonly installed by local water purification and filtration dealers, plumbers, and well drillers in Maryland and the surrounding areas. 

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We Have Been Granted Two (2) U.S. Patents

Owner Scott R. Handy has been granted two (2) United States Patents for his technological advancements in the well water treatment industry. USPTO #9,499,417 and #9,434,626 are here:

US PATENT 9499417

US PATENT 9434626

What these United States Patents mean for our customers is a MAJOR LONG TERM COST SAVINGS over traditional water softening and conditioning equipment designs. This amazing technology has been in use for over 11 years now in various size configurations correcting extreme water chemistries – proven to permanently fix iron, sulfur (rotten egg smell) water, and hard water problems with one unique system. Why go to the expense and hassle of maintaining a basement full of water treatment equipment from another company when you can achieve the quality water you want and need with one simple system? We build these systems from generic components like the other systems we assemble. Please don’t consider purchasing well water softening and conditioning equipment from another manufacturer until you get a quote from us!


Our Satisfied Customers

Take it from any of our satisfied customers, the water treatment equipment designed and engineered by Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Maryland will make a huge difference in the quality of your water.

Based on 46 reviews
Excellent service and responsiveness for over 10 years as a customer! Industry leading knowledge of water treatment and all related areas. Scott has ensured our family has excellent water in our house despite a number of challenges with our well water which is both hard and acidic. For the best water treatment in the area contact Mr. Water!
Martin S.
18:46 15 Feb 20
This is long overdue. Mr. Water installed a whole new filtration system/ softener in our house about 9 months ago and he did a wonderful job. Our well water was extremely hard, he knew exactly what we needed from a phone conversation. He came when promised and very efficiently put in the new system. Explained to us how it runs and wow what a difference. Mr. Water is extremely knowledgeable and detailed He sure knows his stuff. 9 months later water is soft and the equipment is working impeccably.
Rima B.
19:32 12 Feb 20
We're on well water and have highly acidic water. The acidity of the water was causing copper from our pipes to leach into the water, causing blue stains in our sinks and showers, not to mention it's "yucky" taste! The previous homeowner had installed a neutralizer that was too small and completely incompetent for properly filtering our water. We looked around online and were elated to find Mr. Water. Scott came to our house and replaced our inadequate system with an absolutely wonderful new neutralizing system. We hadn't even told our kids about our new water system, and that first night operating on our new system, when we brushed their teeth, they commented on how "yummy" tasting the water was! We tried it for ourselves and man oh man, it was like night and day; That copper taste was already completely gone! Scott is extremely knowledgeable about water chemistry and answered all of our questions (some more times than just once). We are looking forward to getting a softener installed in the near future and will be sure to contact Mr. Water again when that time comes. Thank you Mr. Water!
Noah T.
15:18 07 Oct 19
Just purchased a 20 year old home with a water softening system that hadn't been used for a while. Prior home was on city water so I've never needed a softener. Not the case at the new house so we needed quick help to understand what came with the house and get it up and running. He was able to come the next day, re-calibrate the system, and in quick order we have a fully functioning water softening system. I highly recommend Mr Water Professional. Scott is a straight shooter and highly knowledgeable about these systems.
Doug T.
15:18 07 Oct 19
This morning, my wife drank a glass of tap water in her childhood home for the first time since she was a small child. “It’s delicious,” she said, almost not believing the words coming out her own mouth.Scott is a gentleman. He is easy to reach and talk to. He works clean and leaves no trace.And the water. It’s perfect. Like, you can stop buying bottles perfect. Don’t waste your time or money on anyone else
His D.
15:18 07 Oct 19
I recently moved into a home with a well that had very hard water. This was my first experience owning a home that had well water and I started to look online for information. I came across Mr. Waters’s website and was impressed by the amount of valuable information it contained which helped me understand just what I would be purchasing when adding a softener to my system and a good idea of costs involved. I called Mr. Water and Scott came out and gave me an estimate of the costs, timing, and did a thorough check of my whole system. I contracted with him to install a water softener, and carbon filter which he installed and showed my wife and I exactly what we needed to do to maintain the system. He did a very professional job. I had a problem with the water softener tank a few months later and Scott promptly came out and fixed the issue with no charge. I was very pleased with my experience with Mr. Water and would highly recommend them. I feel that if I ever have any additional needs for my well system, I know who I can call with confidence.
I Chris V.
15:18 07 Oct 19
Mr. Water is honest, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. He has helped maintain my well system I inherited when I moved into my current home. As a first time user of a well plus water softener, filter and acid neutralizer system I had a lot of questions and he was more than happy to educate me on not only how the whole system worked but also how to do some maintenance myself, saving me money over time. I wouldn't call anyone else.
Dirk E.
15:18 07 Oct 19
I have a house that is on a well system. About 6 years ago I discovered that my water was turning my sink green, so I took my water to be tested and found out that it did not pass which frustrated me for I had my well chlorine bomb twice before. I contacted Mr. Water about the issue and he came over and did a complete test of my situation. He made his recommendations and I got what I like to call a top of the line water treatment solution. Over the 6 years that I have had the water treatment system I have never had any issues with leaks or the quality of the water. When Mr Water sets up a system he gives you complete diagrams on every piece and tells you how to operate and maintain the system. Now I have great water with very little maintenance and no worries. I do most of the maintenance myself but have Mr Water come over once a year to make sure that everything is working good. My experience with Mr Water has been great, always on time and very professional. Working with Mr Water has been a decision that I have no regrets making and a company and a person that I highly recommend.
Fred T.
15:18 07 Oct 19
We have used this service twice now,and i am very pleased with the service.Easy to book appointments,and able to get our water system ,replace filter, well water and acid neutralizer all working efficiently,despite our neglecting to take as good a care as we should!
Katie B.
15:18 07 Oct 19
Scott installed my acid neutralizer system a few years ago. I had called him because my experiences with the previous water service I had been using had been a nightmare! Scot installed a straightforward system, and I've had no problems since then. When he came out today to service the system, he patiently taught me how to change the water filter myself, and walked me through all the steps as I did it on my own with his moral support. Call him.
Diana T.
15:18 07 Oct 19
Absolutely the best choice for water filtration / purification system
James B.
15:18 07 Oct 19
Mr. Water installed a water softener and RO system in our house, which is supplied by well water. We have been very happy with both products. The service provided by Mr. Handy was great, and both products continue to provide reliable purified water. I would recommend Mr. Water to anyone looking for water purifcations services.
Joe N.
15:18 07 Oct 19
I just wanted to thank you so much for coming out today and installing the neutralizer as well as fixing the whole water softening setup. Your expertise is invaluable and we will be sure to call on you *only* for any of our water quality issues!! I wish I had found you earlier, this would have saved us a lot of money from the start. Unbelievable how many dishonest and incompetent companies are out there trying to make a buck selling something they have no real in-depth knowledge and understanding of.I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who is looking for someone competent and honest to fix their water quality issues!
Karen S.
15:18 07 Oct 19
Finally I found a company that specializes in water treatment instead of a plumbing company just trying to make a buck. It's great working with an expert versus a sales person. I was not sold items I didn't need and honest advice was given. I feel that I can now perform basic maintenance of the system myself which also equals savings. I would highly recommend Mr. Water. I all be using them for all my water treatment services moving forward.
Alan S.
15:18 07 Oct 19
We're on well water and have acidic water. The previous homeowner had installed a neutralizer that was too small, so the water PH was a little too high causing some leaching of copper from the pipes, causing some blue stains in our shower. Our across the street neighbors had recently had work done by Mr. Water and they were happy with his work, so we hired Scott to replace our neutralizer.Scott talked to us in great detail about water chemistry and how a neutralizer works (we find him to be VERY knowledgeable and helpful). Scott recommended a neutralizer and a softener to remove the hardness that would be added by the neutralizer, but we were hesitant on the softener and did not have it installed (initially).The neutralizer installation went very well. The equipment Scott installed was of much higher quality than we had before and is properly sized for this house. He did a nice job of making the equipment "look good" too. The neutralizer is doing it's job well; the PH is now about 7. which is perfect.As Scott suspected, the hardness added by the neutralizer is causing our glasses and sinks to have white residue on them. So, we decided to talk to Scott about installing a water softener to eliminate the hard water. We had reservations about sodium being added to the water by the softener, by Scott explained how the water would not taste salty (since no chloride is being added) and that the amount of sodium being added to the water is quite minor (similar to the amount of a slice of bread in each liter of water).I make beer and have read that using water from softeners is does not usually result in good tasting beer. To address this concern, Scott is going to install a hose bib between the neutralizer and softener, so that I can use un-softened water for my beer making. I really appreciate his willingness to accommodate my hobby in the softener installation. It turns out that the level of hardness in our water is not terribly high, so the amount of sodium that will be added may not end up being a problem. It's good to know that I will have the option of using un-softened water for my brewing if I want.Scott has been very responsive to our calls and questions, is extremely knowledgeable, and does great installs. We couldn't be happier with Mr. Water.
Aaron B.
15:18 07 Oct 19
After recently purchasing our first home with a well, we noticed a pungent sulfur odor and issues with iron that would pass a normal water inspection test. After further testing and a lot of research I found Mr. Water & Scott Handy. We spoke on the phone several times and I sent him all the data I had and he came back with a logical, scientific and honest approach to solving our problem. I had another company quote my issue and not only was their solution more expensive, I can confidently say it would not have solved the issue. Scott’s system is efficient and easy to maintain. He took the time to explain everything to me in great detail so I can maintain my own system moving forward. The water is now cleaner than ever and has more pressure than I could ask for. 10/10 will suggest to anyone with home water issues. Thank you, Scott!
Christopher H.
15:43 03 Aug 19
Scott certainly knows his business. We had water from a deep well so we weren't worried about pollution, but there were black sooty deposits in our toilet tanks and an occasional sulfur smell. Scott recommended a system that uses salt and filters to take out the iron and manganese and other minerals causing the problem. It was a very professional installation and the maintenance is straightforward and inexpensive.
Phil E.
20:22 18 Jun 19
Highly recommended. Know before you call him—he’s not a slick salesman (this is a great thing for the well owner). Do not expect a cheery personality trying to sell you what you don’t need. He cuts to the chase and is very responsive. Pricing was reasonable and installation was excellent. He’s a perfectionist craftsman.
Lucas H.
14:21 13 Jun 19
Good service, equipment is more than 13 years old and running like a charm.
Meryl A.
13:30 22 May 19
I highly recommend Mr. Water for remedying problems with your water. He is trustworthy, highly knowledgeable, provides you with all the information you need to maintain your water in good shape, quick to respond, professional, and affordable. Before I called him, inspectors of my well system detected lead and nitrates. They quoted a large amount of money just to stop lead from coming out of the kitchen sink alone with an RO filter. It didn’t feel right to mask the bigger problem of lead throughout the house, especially with small children, so after hunting for solutions, Mr. Water came up in recommendations and so I called him up. He took the time to talk about what’s going on with my water and how there was a better solution: high pH was causing lead to leach into water, high pH ruins fixtures too, so for less than what the inspectors quoted for their “patch” he installed a neutralizing system. Now the water will be lead free, non-caustic to my plumbing, heater, etc., and palatable. He took the time to write instructions on the installed parts so that we can maintain the system ourselves. He used a tank that you can inspect on your own. He even evaluated my water system and gave advice about things like when and how to watch for when my water pump reaches the end of its life. And even threw on a new pressure gauge for us. He also took the time to answer any questions I had. Mr. Water is a gem, call him now to get your water set right!
Vickie K
13:14 22 May 19
Professional, knows his business, easy to work with and he is always ready to help. After work was completed, he follow up with a call to make sure system was running as intended.
Victor R.
16:27 14 May 19
I had a great experience working with Mr. Water! He contacted me quickly and had great communication prior and during his service. We really appreciated the time he took to explain what was wrong with our water system and what needed to be done. When the work was completed he taught us how to take care of our system. The price was very reasonable and he did not try to sell us anything we didn’t need!!! Mr. Water really knows his stuff and is a great person to work with. We highly recommend him!
Randi N.
13:59 09 May 19
Scott was very helpful with my unusual water situation until it was resolved. I had a very strong sulfur smell in my water and he came out a few times to get it fixed!He put in system that works for my needs and at a reasonable cost. Very happy.
Jill R.
18:11 07 Mar 19
Scott was very accessible and responsive to my calls and texts, took time to answer any questions, and the system he installed is so far running just as described. We have not seen any recurrence of the copper/green tinting issues we had previously with our old system. He is definitely worth a call when you are exploring system installations, repairs or replacements. The work was not inexpensive, but the materials and his instruction of how to use and maintain the new system were personalized and top-notch.
david R.
19:59 22 Jan 19
Mr. Water was amazing. Timely, priced right and knew his water treatment much better than Culligan or the 2 water specials that came to address my issues. Mr. Water was perfect.
David B.
14:45 23 May 18
I highly recommend "Mr. Water". From first speaking with Mr Handy on the phone, to getting the installation complete was extremely quick. Mr Handy was extremely knowledgeable, and answered all my questions very fully. It was a pleasure meeting him and he explained every stage of the system he designed and installed himself (An acid-water neutralizing system). The quality of the work and components used was first rate, and the system has been working extremely well. An added bonus is that our water pressure has increased considerably. Showers are now quick and a joy, rather than the age spent before, trying to rinse hair.The components are very clearly labeled and Mr. Handy spent plenty of time explaining how the systems worked, and when to call if there were any problems. There have been none.I feel we spent our money very wisely. I'm not one to praise most work I have done on the house (Believe me! ) but I can wholeheartedly recommend "Mr. Water"
Mark J.
13:33 11 Apr 18
Scott is a true professional when it comes to customer service and his expertise in water systems. I had Mr. Water install several water systems for me that have been working perfectly ever since. The systems were professionally installed, competitively priced, labeled and I was shown how to maintain and operate the systems. I can not tell you enough how those extra steps of just labeling everything and explaining how everything works goes a long way in helping maintain the system and shows how much Mr. Water cares about the customers. I am no water system expert but after Mr. Water explained everything to me I felt very comfortable being able to maintain the system on my own. I highly recommend MR. Water for all your future water needs!
Philip G.
16:49 03 Apr 18
I had my water treatment system installed appropriate 2 ½ years ago and it has been working flawlessly. Our water had a terrible rotten egg odor and enough iron in it to start my own steel factory. This system handled all our problems. I also have contacted the owner several times over the years and I have always had him answer my questions in a polite and helpful way. I would highly recommend this system. Besides adding salt and changing filters, it has been maintenance free.
Don S.
14:57 03 Apr 18
I had trouble finding the right water system for my home which was suffering terribly from hard water problems. Mr. Water Professional not only counseled me on the system I needed but encouraged me to do my own research so I could feel confident in my decisions. He even told me the things I didn’t need, so that I was getting the best bang for my buck instead of being sold more than what my water required. For the first time in 3 and a half years our dishwasher and washing machine are working right, and our hair and bodies feel cleaner and less dry! I recommend Mr. Water Professional highly!
Dave G.
18:10 02 Apr 18
Before having this system put in we had 3 other name brand water softeners which did not give us the desired results for eliminating odors & residue, not to mention service calls. We have been using this system for 6 years. Works great, no maintenance needed, except for filter & UV bulb changes! Anytime we have any concerns Scott is readily availed to answer any questions.
Herb G.
11:39 23 Oct 17
We bought a house in Washington County after moving from out of state and found Mr. Water (Scott) to help with the bad water issues of our well. His reccomendations for the nasty smell and stains were air injections and water softening system he developed and patented himself. I can tell you that right away everything was fixed and the water quality is spectacular with no rotten egg smell and iron is gone. He spent time with me to explain how to change with the right filters and when to add the salt - we expect long life out of this system. Thank you Scott for a job well done!
John N.
15:39 17 Sep 17
Scott installed a complete water treatment system: filters, water softener and UV lamp. He came to our house and explained the various options and gave us a quote in a timely manner. He designed and installed an effective system. The system has operated for 5 months delivering the water quality we desired. He has also provided timely answers in the following months
Tony V.
13:23 08 Apr 17
We had Scott out to our house fall of 2016 to fix a sulfur smell we were experiencing. Scott was prompt in coming out and diagnosing our issues. He came out the next week to fix our problems and rework some of our system. Scott also took the time to teach us how to properly work our well filtration system. The work was completed and price was much better than we expected! We will definitely use Mr Water in the future for all of our needs.
Leslie S.
23:01 04 Mar 17
Could not be any happier with this company. Impeccable work, extraordinary deep knowledge of water systems and honest pricing. I love supporting small local American businesses and this is one of the best. Highly recommended.
Eric C.
14:16 07 Aug 16
Scott Handy of Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment is THE man for water treatment. Take my advice. Don't call another company. Call Scott and you will not be sorry.I called other water treatment companies before I called Scott. After talking to them about a new water softener I took the time to discover what they told me not to be true, their service contained hidden service call charges and the charge for a their new system was outrageous.Scott will take the time to honestly educate you about untreated water, the benefits of treating your water, how a water treatment system works and what you will do as the home owner to service your water treatment system.When you are talking to Scott you are also talking to the man who will install your system. That’s right. The man who owns the company installs every system. His name is on the line with every system install. I am completely satisfied with my new water softener system which included two industrial grade water filters. Scott took the time to explain the three things I must do to keep it operating properly. How to keep the salt tank full, how to change the water filters and should the power go out how to reset the water softener clock if needed. If you are more comfortable with Scott changing the filters and resetting the clock Scott will do it. I am handy around the house so I can do it. Now I’ll tell you why I told you the above. Some water softener companies will charge you a $200 service call just to reset your water softener clock! Believe me a child can reset the clock on Scott’s systems. Once Scott shows you how it’s done it’s simple to do.I am a person who reads reviews and makes reviews both good and bad on products or services I purchase. In this day and age being able to read a review before you buy is like putting money in the bank.
00:37 19 Apr 15
Great service and quick response. Have had several things in our water system that needed fixing and I never regretted calling Mr. Water. Professional, kind and efficient. Would highly recommend to any friends or family.
Noelia H.
21:43 28 Mar 15
Immediate improvement to the water quality was realized after installation of the water softener system. There is an alleviation of mineral deposits on shower walls and glass shower doors. Clothes are whiter and the wash time is shorter due to the washing machine tub filling faster because of enhanced water pressure. Hard water, sediment and iron in the water are removed completely. I would recommend Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment to homes with challenging water problems.
Karen C.
20:27 26 Mar 15
Mr. Water put in a complete water softener and ultraviolet light system for me over 2 years ago. It has worked fine. He is very helpful at keeping the system maintained for me. He has replaced the filters and the UV light bulb without hesitation. His prices are reasonable for the work and labor he performs. Scott is courteous and polite. I would recommend his service to anyone.
Kathy H.
19:49 24 Nov 14
"Mr. Water" performed service on my water system this week - He got my water softener to finally work properly, re-plumbed the water lines, installed a water filter, installed a new well pressure switch and meter, neither of which was working properly, and replaced my small UV light with a properly sized one that permitted a proper flow-through that significantly jumped up my water pressure all over the house.He is meticulous, genuinely expert, explains everything he is doing, and his prices are more than fair. And before he left he marked every part of the system showing water flows and wrote replacement parts number on the filter & UV light for easy replacement. Strong recommendation. If you have a problem, he will give you an honest assessment, will fix only what's broken, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.
Thomas B.
19:32 21 Oct 14
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