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Water Treatment Service for Hagerstown and Washington County Maryland

Well Water Softeners, Sulfur Removal and Iron Filtration Systems

Hard Water, Iron, Sulfur are commonly found in Hagerstown and Washington County

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Hard Water is the most predominant water quality problem affecting Hagerstown, Maryland and the Washington County area. Municipal waters found in this area range in hardness from about 10-20 gpg, but some residential wells in this county can have calcium carbonate (hardness) levels in excess of 50 gpg. Other common water problems found in this area are ferrous (clear water) and ferric (red water) Iron, and Sulfur (hydrogen sulfide). A Water Softener or a Water Softener with Closed Pressure Aeration will solve these problem water conditions.


The Troublesome Trio - Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide

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These undesirable well water characteristics constitute what is called in the residential water conditioning industry the “Bermuda Triangle” of water problems for a homeowner or business. Together Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese historically present a big challenge for most residential water treatment equipment manufacturers. Limited by product lines, many national companies just don’t have the equipment to solve these water problems reliably in the long term.    

Hard Water (<7 gpg) and Irony Water (<0.3 ppm – mg/L) together is very common and can be accompanied by Hydrogen Sulfide (sulfur) “rotten egg” smell. Occasionally a well will also have Manganese (<0.05ppm – mg/L), a customer will see it’s characteristic black stains start to occur on toilets and fixtures. Another characteristic of Manganese is that it is very sticky – coating the inside of pipes, dishwashers and laundry appliances. High Manganese will also make a hot water smell awful (like Sulfur Water) by reacting with the anode rod in a water heater similar to the problems associated with Irony well water.

A properly constructed and maintained water softener will solve the vast majority of water problems found in this area but additional treatment for sulfur with Air Injection may also be necessary.

Acidic Well Water is not nearly as common in Washington County Maryland compared to the rest of Maryland to the east because of the prevalence of limestone formations neutralizing the groundwater and raising the pH of well water and creating Hard Water as a result.  

Most Water Softeners are made only for the consumer market and mainly for municipal water – like the systems sold at Lowes® and Home Depot®. These are designed to be installed next to a washer and dryer and have a space saving profile. The price is right – but they are essentially disposable units that are not made for any type of problem well water situation and are difficult if not impossible to repair because parts are not readily available.

Water Conditioners manufactured by national companies like Culligan® and Hague® are not designed for severe problem water because they have a limited product line that for the most part cannot be customized. Purchasing a custom built Water Softener System for your well water assures that it will solve your water quality problem and your investment will work for many years to come.

Our company patented a New Water Softener Technology to provide a simple and reliable treatment method for Iron, Sulfur and Hard Water .

Visit this page to learn more about this revolutionary Aerated Water Softener System:

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    Cave (Karst) Geology can have a big
    influence on the water in this area


    Diverse water conditions also can be found near Hagerstown and the Washington County area of Maryland. Because of the prevalence of limestone formations up and down the Great Valley, this area is known for it’s Karst Geology. These countless ancient small caves and caverns can have a big influence on the drinking water quality in some areas.

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    Ground Water Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWUDI)


    GWUDI is a groundwater source that directly recharges from a nearby stream, lake, pond, cavern or other small body of water. Private Drinking Water Wells drawing from such a fluctuating water source can be turbid, silty, muddy and can have Pathogens such as Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and other unhealthy contaminants. The proper Water Conditioning Equipment consisting of a sediment or turbidity filter, water softener, carbon filter, and a Ultraviolet Disinfection System available with an intensity monitor is the basic system typically installed.

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