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Hard Water, Sufur and Iron Water Treatment

What is Hydrogen Sulfide or Sulfur Water?

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Sulfur Water or Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a colorless dissolved gas present in some well water supplies. Sulfur (sometimes spelled Sulphur) when released by opening a faucet has a very disagreeable “rotten egg smell” and is quite noticeable even at low concentrations of down to 0.25 ppm/mg/L. Sulphur can be poisonous to humans at high atmospheric concentrations, can also be flammable, and is corrosive to most metals (can tarnish silverware black or dark grey).

Sulfur water is created by sulfur-reducing bacteria present in ground water supplies that uses a mineral salt called sulfate for energy and produces the foul smelling gas as a byproduct. Sulfur water issues tend to be a local or regional nuisance. The repulsive bad smell of sulfur bearing water can come and go for no particular reason and it can be worse in the summer because of higher ground water temperatures and changing water levels in a well.

Get rid of Sulfur and Iron Stains for Good!

We invented our Patented EcoSoft Aerated Water Softener System with EcoVent because of the need for a simple and reliable way to remove Sulfur Smell, Iron, and Hard Water in one simple and easy to maintain system.

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What causes Iron Stains from Well Water?

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Iron in all of it’s different forms can be extremely damaging by permanently staining kitchen and bathroom fixtures, laundry, dishwashers, and other water using appliances. It will make hot water smell terrible by reacting with the anode rod in a water heater, giving the water a bad smell similar to sulfur, and iron can also eventually clog piping.

Iron bearing water will have a distinct irony taste even if used in coffee or tea. Clear Water Iron (ferrous) is totally clear when drawn from a faucet but soon turns brown as it reacts with the oxygen in the atmosphere. Red Water Iron (ferric) as the name implies, is red and or brown when drawn from a plumbing fixture.

Bacterial Iron or Organic Iron develop over time in a well system and can create an infestation deep down and between the rock fissures causing serious clogging of pipes in the well and in the home, an oily sheen and foul taste, and sometimes a smell similar to diesel fuel. Colloidal Iron can be seen in a water sample, as can Red Water and to some degree Organic Iron, but it has a pink color and specks of iron can be seen floating, seemingly never settling out, because it has a specific gravity nearly that of water.

Water from a well can contain one or more forms of iron, this of course complicates the process of finding the correct solution, but a permanent fix for this perplexing problem has been found!

Hard Water contains the minerals calcium and magnesium. This water can clog pipes and fill up your water heater with deposits. When scale from hard water forms in your water heater it will coat the heating elements preventing the heater from efficiently heating the water. Hard Water also makes bathing, laundry and dish washing much more difficult by creating soap curd instead of lather.

48,000 grain Well Water Softener with Closed Pressure Aeration
48,000 grain Well Water Softener with Closed Pressure Aeration

The Best New Water Softener Technology Available Today!


Our Patented EcoSoft Water Treatment Systems “Electronic Demand” Water Softener with EcoVent is a new technology that combines closed pressure aeration (with air injector or air pump) and cation exchange water softening in one simple system. Water Softening, Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) removal – all with no more maintenance than a standard Water Softener! 

No other system available today has this unique technology. Available in Standard 48,000 grain, Super Heavy Duty 64,000 grain and Light Industrial 96,000 grain capacity versions with single or dual micronizers (air injectors) or single air pump for extreme well water conditions. Call us today for more information about this breakthrough invention in Well Water Softening Equipment for your home or business.

Videos About this Revolutionary Patented System:

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Patented Water Softener with Closed Pressure Aeration (2010) (no sound)