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Frederick Maryland Water Treatment

Water Treatment Equipment for Frederick Maryland


Frederick County like other areas in Maryland has diverse water quality conditions such as iron and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) that require an experienced water conditioning technician to recommend a permanent solution. Iron in well water can be tricky for the novice and therefore the purchasing of water softening and conditioning equipment should be done with due diligence. 

We are a locally owned and operated water treatment company that installs new water treatment equipment and services most major brands found in the Frederick area. Our company specializes in both residential and light commercial water softening and conditioning services. Call us today at (301) 416-8331 to discuss how we can assist you further.

Our Water Treatment Services In Frederick, MD


Not sure about the safety of your drinking water? Seeking to eliminate contaminants from your drinking water source? We can help! Mr. Water LLC has the knowledge and experience customers in the Frederick, MD area need. We provide a comprehensive range of water treatment services dedicated to your water quality. Our offerings include:

Well Water Treatment In Frederick


If you rely on well water in the Frederick, Maryland area there is a potential for chemicals, bacteria, and naturally occurring minerals to be present in your private water supply. Although many minerals are harmless, there are various issues that can arise. Some common problems associated with well water include:

  • Acidic Water – Water acidity is measured on a pH scale of 0-14. A pH level below seven indicates acidity, which can lead to corrosion of plumbing, brass fixtures, heating elements, and even affect the taste of the water you drink. At Mr. Water LLC, we offer a natural solution to neutralize acidic water using a mineral tank filled with a mixture of calcite and magnesium oxide that seamlessly integrates with your well water system.
  • Iron Water – Are you dealing with brown or orange stains in your sink, toilet, or shower? These stains are caused by iron present in your raw untreated well water. Although iron is not harmful to your health, it can alter the taste of the water and stain your expensive plumbing fixtures and clothing. If you’re facing irony water issues in your Frederick County home, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Water LLC today!
  • Hard Water – Do you frequently encounter buildup on your tub, sink, tile, and glassware? Hard water refers to water with a high calcium and magnesium content. While these minerals don’t pose a health risk, they can be a nuisance when doing laundry or trying to remove stains. If you’re interested in obtaining a quote for water softening solutions, reach out to Mr. Water LLC today!
  • Smelly Water – Does your hot water emit a sewage or rotten egg like odor? This is a common issue caused by irony water reacting with the anode rod in your water heater. Once the iron is fully removed from your well water, then the repulsive smell will disappear. If your untreated cold well water also smells like hydrogen sulfide then you do indeed have sulfur water requiring specialized treatment solutions. Contact us at Mr. Water LLC for assistance.

To schedule your consultation, give us a call at (301) 416-8331 or contact us online today.

Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide in Well Water Is Common in Frederick County


Another commonly found problem well water condition is High Iron and Sulfur (Hydrogen Sulfide). The areas of Shookstown Road, Gambrills Park, Burkittsville, Middletown, Jefferson, Thurmont, and Wolfsville are common places where we see these well water issues. Irony Well Water in the Frederick County area can be Clear Water Iron (ferrous iron), Red Water Iron (ferric iron) or can be a combination of the two. We have also seen in older wells the presence of Iron Bacteria – a serious infestation of iron bacteria deep in a well can be a very difficult problem to deal with by creating an oily sheen to the water and a smell similar to diesel fuel. This can be controlled with periodic good shocks by superchlorinating the well. The presence of Sulphur with the tell tale odor of “rotten eggs” is a problem few people can tolerate. The repulsive smell of Hydrogen Sulfide is typically a natural phenomenon created by anaerobic bacteria under the earth’s surface that uses a mineral called sulfate as energy and produces Sulfur Gas as a byproduct. For the most part, Sulfur is not a health hazard but the human nose is very sensitive to this naturally occurring gas. Our Patented Water Softener with Closed Pressure Aeration is a unique product that we offer to correct these problems.

Hard Water is another well water problem that is common in the Frederick County area and to some degree Frederick City Municipal Water. Hard water contains dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals. Although not as damaging as acid water, hard water can clog pipes and create scale in water heaters, and make bathing and laundry quite a chore. It is not uncommon to have hard water, ironic water, and smelly sulfur water all at the same time. It is also worth mentioning that sediment problems occurring in problem well water also need the proper Well Water Filtration Equipment.

Coliform and E-coli Bacteria problems are also a concern in areas of Frederick County because of farm runoff and leaking septic systems. This is corrected by installing an ultraviolet light with the proper pre-filtration equipment.

Nitrates and other man made contaminates are also present in groundwater in Frederick County. Nitrates and Bacteria should be tested by a local qualified laboratory. Nitrates and other chemical contaminants are typically removed with a Reverse Osmosis System.

New Acid Neutralizer, Water Softener, Carbon Filter, Well Pressure Tank
Commercial Water Treatment Services In Frederick


Are you in search of water treatment services for your school, church, restaurant, or small business in the Frederick area? Look no further than Mr. Water LLC. With our extensive experience and advanced technology, we have the expertise to effectively treat and filter the water in your commercial property. We are a State Licensed Water Treatment company in business since 2005.

Interested in enhancing the drinking water quality for your Frederick business? Contact Mr. Water LLC at (301) 416-8331 to request a quote.

Schedule Your Water Treatment Service In Frederick, MD


Whether you’re a homeowner in the Frederick area seeking well water treatment or a business owner looking to purify your business’s water supply, trust in the expertise, training, and cutting edge technology of Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment of Maryland. We are dedicated to delivering filtered, disinfected water that exceeds your expectations. Our commitment to honesty and reliability ensures that Mr. Water LLC consistently delivers exceptional results for every client.

Interested in learning more about how we ensure the quality of your drinking water in Frederick? Reach out to us today at (301) 416-8331 or contact us online to schedule a water analysis in Frederick.

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