Martinsburg West Virginia Water Treatment Service

Local Water Softening and Conditioning Company

We primarily install Water Softeners with Carbon Pre-filtration in the city limits of Martinsburg, West Virginia for customers on municipal water and occasionally Reverse Osmosis Systems for purified drinking water either under the kitchen sink or installed in the basement if possible. 

The city water in Martinsburg is quite hard with levels of 25-30 grains per gallon and noticeable levels of chlorine. Most people are not aware that a carbon filter must be installed first before any water softener system to prevent chlorine degradation and eventual destruction of the softening resin that can happen (depending on water usage) in less that 5 years. Most people are also sensitive to chlorine residue on their skin and don’t like the “city water” taste in their drinking water. 

Not only will a standard cation exchange water softener remove calcium hardness making the water much softer and pleasant for drinking, bathing and laundry it will also remove lead from all water entering your home. A carbon filter, as most consumers are aware, also removes lead but carbon filtration also removes trihalomethane and other chlorine byproducts created by the municipal water purification process.