Super Heavy Duty 6 CF Acid Neutralizer
Designed for Large & X-Large Homes
Super Heavy Duty 6 CF Acid Neutralizer
Super Heavy Duty 6.0 cubic foot Automatic Acid Neutralizer (16" x 65" tank) with 20″ carbon postfilter for taste and odor. Built for a ph of 6.0 or higher, low iron and manganese, low to moderate turbidity and sediment.

Price range $2.950 - $3,250
This hugh system is professionally engineered for large to very large homes that have extremely acid water, high carbon dioxide content, high water usage and/or flow requirements.

We warranty this system to keep the ph above 7.0 (when properly serviced and maintained) down to the refill line, stop copper pipe leaching, and blue–green staining; also a 11/4 fill port available (extra) for homeowner servicing.