Gaithersburg Maryland and Montgomery County

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Problem water conditions in Gaithersburg, Maryland and in Montgomery County are not as widespread as in other areas because of the predominance of WSSC municipal water throughout most of the county but in those areas on wells there is problem water. Like many areas in Maryland, acid water problems are the most predominant and overlooked well water issues faced by homeowners. We have seen very acid water ph levels of 5.0-5.5 in Laytonsville, Gaithersburg, Damascus, Mt. Airy, Clarksburg, Potomac, Silver Spring, Darnestown, and Brinklow areas. Some of the most aggressive acidic well water can be found not far from the Washington DC Beltway. Leaking copper pipes and blue-green stains on sinks, showers and toilets are quite common. We have seen kitchen faucet spouts with holes and of course water heater leaks and failures. A properly sized and maintained acid neutralizer with the right mix of calcite and magnesium oxide will be the right system for this problem well water.

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Gaithersburg does have some interesting water, for example in the Goshen School Road, Brink Road, and Woodfield Road areas you can go from very acid water to hard water to irony water in just a half mile or so. In fact we have seen neighbors directly across the street from one another — one with very acid water and the other with hard and irony water! Sulfur water (hydrogen sulfide) that smells like rotten eggs is not nearly as common as it is in other areas of Maryland, but it is not unheard of. There are well water areas in Rockville that have terribly irony and smelly water however.

Hard water problems can be found in Poolesville both on wells and city water. Dickerson, Darnestown, and Boyds depending on the location can have some very hard water that will also require a water softener. Certain geologic conditions such as areas of Karst Geology (cave geology) tend to increase the likelihood of E-coli and coliform bacteria problems especially near sources of fecal contamination like farms or leaking septic systems. There are no known caves in Montgomery County but small and inaccessible underground caverns most likely do exist and could be the cause of some bacterial contamination in nearby wells.

Nitrates from agricultural fertilizers, and runoff from farms are the main cause of concern for homeowners on a well system. Chemicals from a busy urban society like petroleum byproducts and antifreeze that get in nearby wells have been and continue to be a source of contamination in a highly populated area like Montgomery County.