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ionics water softener systemThe Frederick County area has some of the most diverse water conditions found anywhere in Maryland. The most damaging and problematic of these is acidic water found in Walkersville, Ijamsville, Monrovia, and portions of Mt. Airy. We have found pH levels as low as 5.0 and a very high carbon dioxide content that makes this well water very aggressive and damaging to copper plumbing systems and water using appliances. The blue-green stains created by the chemical reaction between low pH water and copper piping creates cupric acid (the blue-green stain) and for houses built before 1985 there is a real possibility of lead leaching into drinking water from lead based solder used in the construction of the plumbing system. Acid Neutralizers containing a mix of calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide are best solution for this common well water problem.

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Another commonly found problem well water condition is high iron and sulfur (hydrogen sulfide). The areas of Shookstown Road, Gambrills Park, Burkittsville, Middletown, Jefferson, Thurmont, and Wolfsville are common places where we see these well water issues. Irony water in the Frederick County area can be clear water iron (ferrous iron), red water iron (ferric iron) or can be a combination of the two. We have also seen in older wells the presence of iron bacteria – a serious infestation of iron bacteria deep in a well can be a very difficult problem to deal with. This can be controlled with periodic well shocks by super chlorinating the well. The presence of sulfur with the tel-tail odor of rotten eggs is a problem few people can tolerate. The repulsive smell of hydrogen sulfide is typically a natural phenomenon created by anaerobic bacteria under the earth’s surface that uses a mineral called sulfate as energy and produces sulfur gas as a byproduct. For the most part sulfur is not a health hazard but the human nose is very sensitive to this naturally occurring gas. Our Patented Water Softener with Closed Pressure Aeration (see video on home page) is a unique product that we offer to correct these problems.

Hard water is another well water problem that is common in the Frederick County area and to some degree Frederick City municipal water. Hard water contains dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals. Although not as damaging as acid water, hard water can clog pipes and create scale in water heaters, and make bathing and laundry quite a chore. It is not uncommon to have hard water, irony water and smelly sulfur water all at the same time. It is also worth mentioning that sediment problems occurring in problem well water need the proper water filtration equipment.

Coliform and E-coli bacteria problems are also a concern in areas of Frederick County because of farm runoff and leaking septic systems. This is corrected by installing an ultraviolet light with the proper prefiltration equipment.

Nitrates and other man made contaminates are also present in ground water in Frederick County. Nitrates and bacteria should be tested by a local qualified laboratory. Nitrates and other chemical contaminates are typically removed with a reverse osmosis system.