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Water Softener with Sulfur Smell Removal Our Patented EcoSoft Water Treatment Systems Electronic Demand Water Softener w/ EcoVent Sulfur Removal Technology is a new type of Water Softening System that combines closed pressure aeration (with air injector or air pump) and ion exchange Water Softening in one simple system. Water Softening, Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) removal – all with no more maintenance than a standard Water Softener! This new Water Softener System with filters was installed 12.7.21 in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia 25411

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Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment serves all of Morgan County West Virginia and the surrounding areas. The mountains of this area contain a wide variety of geologic structures resulting in a diverse array of well water quality problems. Hard Water (calcium carbonate) is the main water problem but Iron (brown stains), Manganese (black stains), and smelly Sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) Water are also a problem for customers. Clear water (ferrous) iron and red water (ferric) iron are also a major water nuisance requiring specialized water softener designs that have the larger capacity needed for successful removal. Our company owns two (2) United States Patents for a unique water softening system that is designed to remove calcium hardness, iron and repulsive sulphur smell in one simple and easy to maintain system.  

Because Mr. Water LLC services nearly every make and model of water conditioning equipment sold and installed in the Berkeley Springs, West Virginia areas we have seen what works and what doesn’t. We build every new Heavy Duty EcoSoft Water Treatment System with you the customer in mind. We use commercial grade heavy duty control valves made of Noryl plastic manufactured by Pentair Water — the world’s leader. Parts and supplies for these valves are widely available and easy for a trained technician to service. With service flow rates of up to 25 GPM, if you are replacing an old system, there is a good chance you will see a water pressure INCREASE. We offer both automatic “time clock” and “electronic demand” units for both well and city water custom built for YOUR water problems. Not only is a system designed with YOUR water quality in mind, we can custom build equipment to fit in the tightest of spaces — all we need is access to the incoming water line, and in most cases (but not all), access to a drain and 110v electrical outlet.