WEDECO® Ideal Horizons ME MWE Models
WEDECO® Ideal Horizons ME MWE Models
The ME and MWE series are designed for point-of-use or point-of-entry system
applications. The water contact vessel is fabricated out of 304 stainless steel. All models
are constructed utilizing plasma fusion welding, providing strong food-grade,
uncontaminated welds. All models meet primary requirements for bacteria reduction in
potable water supplies

The ME series offers a failsafe design when used with an N.C. Solenoid Valve. The
ultraviolet intensity meter is incorporated with this system as a package design. The
meter board and electronics are combined with the electronics of the unit within the
electrical enclosure. The LED display is connected to the unit with a 10’ cable for remote
mounting in a location that will allow convenient access to view the display.
In addition to the features of the ME Model, the MWE models provide a quartz sleeve
wiper system to be used where frequent cleaning of the quartz sleeve is needed. The
MWE series has a removable flanged head on the vessel to allow interior access for
inspection and cleaning.
Please read the following instructions carefully before installing or servicing your unit.