Fleck® ProFloSE DownFlow Brining Service Manual
Fleck® ProFloSE DownFlow Brining Service Manual
Whenever the valve is in Service the current time of day can be set, the control programmed, or an extra regeneration initiated at any time.

WATER PRESSURE: A minimum of 20 psi inlet water pressure is required for regeneration valve to operate effectively
ELECTRICAL FACILITIES: An uninterrupted alternating current (A/C) supply is required. Please make sure your
voltage supply is compatible with your unit before installation.
EXISTING PLUMBING: Condition of existing plumbing should be free from lime and iron buildup. Piping that is built up
heavily with lime and/or iron should be replaced. If piping is clogged with iron, a separate iron filter unit should be
installed ahead of the water softener.
LOCATION OF SOFTENER AND DRAIN: The softener should be located close to a clean working drain and
connected according to local plumbing codes.
BY-PASS VALVES: Always provide for the installation of a by-pass valve if unit is not equipped with one.
CAUTION: Water pressure is not to exceed 120 p.s.i., water temperature is not to exceed 110° F, and the unit cannot
be subjected to freezing conditions.