ATS DWS/SE/DWSW Series U.V. Disinfection
ATS DWS/SE/DWSW Series U.V. Disinfection
The DWS/SE/DWSW series are of unique design with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp housed within a single quartz sleeve surrounded by a stainless steel pressure chamber. The chamber is fabricated out of 304 Stainless Steel. A removable stainless steel cover exposes electrical components for servicing, when required.

This manual covers installation, operation and maintenance requirements for DWS/SE/DWSW U.V. Disinfection Units. Models DWS-7, 15, and SE-7, 15, and DWSW-8, 15.

The DWS/SE series come with an ultraviolet lamp designed with one pin at each end. This type of lamp has a socket connected to each pin. The DWSW-8 model comes with a bi-pin connection at each end.

A stainless steel threaded nipple with a brass compression nut and O-Ring is located at each end of the disinfection chamber.

The quartz sleeve is intended to be placed through the disinfection chamber and will slightly protrude from each threaded nipple end. The ultraviolet lamp is placed within this quartz sleeve. The U.V. light shines through this specially designed hard quartz sleeve for maximum disinfection efficiency to meet the requirements for bacteria reduction in potable water.

The inlet/outlet are located on one side of the chamber and may be interchanged as to designation dependent upon installation. A Site Port is provided for safe and easy view of operation.