Standard 32,000 Grain Electronic Demand City Water Softener
Designed for City Water Softening
Standard 32,000 Grain Electronic Demand City Water Softener
Standard 32,000 grain electronic demand City Water Softening System with carbon EPM-BB pre-filter for chlorine taste and odor. This light commercial/heavy duty residential (2) two tank system will greatly improve the quality of the municipal water entering into your home.

Price range $2,850 - $2,950
You will receive years of great tasting and softer water for bathing and laundry along with chlorine and trihalomethane removal.

This system has the same basic components as our well water system but with one filter installed either before or after the system. Water with high chlorine content should have the carbon filter installed before the softener to prevent resin degradation. A system with the carbon filter installed after the softener will reduce the frequency of filter changes. We also offer cabinet model units (not pictured) for small spaces. These economical systems only require the homeowner to add regular water softener salt (or potassium chloride for a sodium free system) to the brine tank and change the carbon cartridges.