Standard 3 Cubic Foot Acid Neutralizer
Designed for Medium & Large Houses
Standard 3 Cubic Foot Acid Neutralizer
Standard 3 cubic foot Automatic Acid Neutralizer (13″x54″ tank) with EPM-BB (carbon) post-filter for taste and odor. This heavy duty system is built for medium to large houses with a pH above 6.0 and that have access to a drain and 120v electrical outlet.

Price range $2,500 - $2,600
This unit is designed for acid water conditions with a ph of 6.0 or above, low iron and manganese, and low to moderate turbidity and sediment.

We guarantee this system (when properly serviced and maintained) to keep the ph above 7.0 down to the refill line; stop the blue-green staining of faucets and fixtures, and corrosion of copper pipes. The 1″ Autotrol Performa 263 3-Cycle Valve (including bypass) has easy to use controls, a 25gpm flow rate, 12gpm backwash rate (to remove accumulated dirt and sediment). For customers who wish to service the system themselves, we offer a mineral tank with an 11/4″ fill port for easy servicing.