Patented Water Softener with Closed Pressure Aeration
Designed for Extreme Problem Water
Patented Water Softener with Closed Pressure Aeration
The Patented EcoSoft Water Treatment Systems™ Electronic Demand Water Softener w/ EcoVent for Sulfur. This new system combines closed pressure aeration (with air injector or air pump) and ion exchange water softening in one simple system.

Price range $2,950 – $5,800
Water Softening, Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell) removal – all with no more maintenance than a standard water softener! No other system made today has this new technology.

Available in Standard 32,000 grain and Super Heavy Duty 64,000 grain 2 tank versions with a micronizer (air injector) or air pump for extreme water conditions. Both use Autotrol 268/460i water conditioning control valves with bypass and R30-BB (30 micron) prefilter and EPM-BB carbon postfilter. The standard 32,000 grain residential 2 tank system is designed for hard water (up to 100gpg), ferrous iron (up to 7ppm clear water), light ferric iron (up to 1.5ppm red water), manganese of 2ppm (clear water), manganese of 1ppm (oxidized), moderate sediment, and moderate to heavy sulfur (rotten egg) smell. The Heavy Duty 64,000 grain system is built for extreme problem water conditions like very hard water (up to 200gpg), heavy ferrous iron (up to 20ppm clear water), moderate ferric iron (up to 4ppm red water), manganese of 4ppm (clear water), manganese of 2ppm (oxidized), moderate sediment, moderate to heavy sulfur (rotten egg) smell. Price range $2,800 – $5,800 fully installed including parts and labor.