Standard 32,000 grain Electronic Demand Water Softener
Designed for Hard Water
Standard 32,000 grain Electronic Demand Water Softener
Standard Electronic Demand 32,000 grain Water Softener (cation exchange) with R30-BB (30 micron) prefilter and EPM-BB carbon postfilter for taste and odor. This fully programmable metered system monitors water usage and regenerates only when necessary.

Price range $2,600 - $2,800
This light commercial/heavy-duty residential 2 tank system is designed for hard water (up to 100gpg), ferrous iron (up to 7ppm clear water), light ferric iron (up to 1.5ppm red water), manganese of 2ppm (clear water), manganese of 1ppm (oxidized), moderate sediment, and light intermittent sulfur (rotten egg) smell.

The 1″ Autotrol Performa 268/460i electronic control valve (including bypass) also has a flow rating of up to 25gpm, adjustable salt dial, and NOVRAM circuitry that will keep time for (2) two weeks in the event of a power outage.