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These are pictures of a Culligan® acid neutralizer, water softener and brine tank installed in a nearly inaccessible crawlspace. Water treatment systems installed in this manner make it very difficult to service and maintain; imagine having to move around on your hands and knees (because you can’t stand-up) with 50 lb. bags of salt to fill your brine tank. Not only is it hard for the homeowner – it’s tough for the service technician too. Equipment installations not thought out and poorly installed are an invitation for failure. This system had not been serviced for years and was leaking under the house. In the picture on the right, the doorway to the mechanical room is where we professionally installed the new EcoSoft Water Treatment Systems.

Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment installs its systems the right way! Not only are these units going to be much easier to service and maintain, their no longer subject to freezing weather or dirty and dusty conditions. The first picture is a wide angle view of the system. The next is a close-up of the EcoSoft Water Treatment Systems "Automatic” acid neutralizer with 6 day time clock, and "Electronic Demand” water softener with its brine tank. The third is a whole house "Big Blue” post filter with wrench and carbon cartridge for taste and odor removal. This customer also elected to install a Mr. Water 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System. The R.O. system was installed with the pure water holding tank in an adjacent cabinet because the garbage disposal was in the way. Installed for a very grateful customer in Bethesda, MD 20817

This customer found our website and decided to see if we could help. The picture on the left is the TurboSoft® iron filter, water softener, air injection system and sediment strainer that was incorrectly installed by a local plumber. Not only was the micronizer (air injector) placement incorrect, the air release valve in the top of the mixing tank was broken. The water still smelled like sulfur (rotten eggs) and the pressure in the house was very poor. The photo on the right is the system professionally reinstalled using the existing mixing tank for the new chlorine chemical feed pump with automatic flow switch. With the micronizer removed, and 1” PVC piping, – water pressure greatly improved. The smelly water is gone now, and this customer has the added benefit of chlorine disinfection without the chlorine taste because we also installed a Big Blue GAC (carbon) filter last in sequence. We also re-bedded the iron filter with the proper media. These customers had their water fixed in Gerrardstown, WV 25420.

These are pictures of a 5 stage Mr. Water Reverse Osmosis System installed in the customers’ basement. The system filters and membrane are hanging on the wall; the holding tank is installed between the floor studs up and out of the way, and the pure water faucet is installed in a nice granite kitchen countertop. We also have the icemaker and cold water dispenser on the refrigerator getting great tasting and healthy R.O. water. When possible we like to install R.O. systems in the basement because it gives the customer much more room under the kitchen sink and the system is easier to service. This customer has 11ppm of nitrates and is selling the house. Installed in Sykesville, MD 21784.

A website is a very nifty way to showcase a company’s projects and services –and this customer found us in cyberspace. "It was all of the pictures of your systems in the homes of others that prompted me to call” stated this customer to our technician. Irony water was the problem this family found when they moved in to their new home. Brand new tubs and sinks were starting to get stained brown from the water; they couldn’t do laundry, and they said the water tasted like a rusty nail. They opted for our standard EcoSoft Water Treatment Systems 32,000 grain water softener with 30 micron prefilter and GAC (carbon) postfilter for taste and odor. This system will easily handle the 2ppm of iron in their well water; it will also remove radium if it shows up. Another customer got their water fixed in Severn, MD 21144.

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